30 New Best Layered Hairstyles for Women 2019

Layered hairstyles can do so much for your over all look, it is very easy to get done, and it is not really dependent on your hair length so short, medium, and long hair can all get layers added. Layers add movement and interest to an otherwise boring haircut. Movement can make or break some haircuts and layers provide a ton of movement when combined with curls, waves, and other styling techniques. Layers also flatter by removing attention from certain facial features much like face framing to bring attention. Even if you like your current hairstyle now, adding some layers can totally change it up without changing how it feels on you. If you have thin or fine hair and want to make it look thicker and fuller, the most natural way to do so is with layering.

#1: Partial Highlighted Layers

Partial Highlighted Layers

#2: Champagne Layers

Champagne Layers

#3: Wavy Layers

Wavy Layers

#4: Long Multi-Layers

Long Multi-Layers

#5: Sun Touched Layers

Sun Touched Layers

#6: Layers With Baby Bangs

Layers With Baby Bangs

#7: Free Layers

Free Layers

#8: Volume V Layers

Volume V Layers

#9: Golden Wavy Layers

Golden Wavy Layers

#10: Natural Layers

Natural Layers

#11: One-Sided Multi Layers

One-Sided Multi Layers

#12: The Layered Mane

The Layered Mane

#13: Coffee Layers

Coffee Layers

#14: Soft Layers

Soft Layers

#15: Soft Wavy Layers

 Soft Wavy Layers

#16: Colored Tips Layers

Colored Tips Layers

#17: Boho Blonde Layers

Boho Blonde Layers

#18: Two Colored Layers

Two Colored Layers

#19: Cheerleader Layers

Cheerleader Layers

#20: Textured Layers

Textured Layers

#21: The Deep V

The Deep V

#22: Front And Side Layers

Front And Side Layers

#23: Deep U Layers

Deep U Layers

#24: Curl Out Layers

Curl Out Layers

#25: Soft Outward Layers

Soft Outward Layers

#26: Heavy Layers

Heavy Layers

#27: Curly Layers

Curly Layers

#28: Kinky Layers

Kinky Layers

#29: Layers With Bangs

Layers With Bangs

#30: Ombre Layers

Ombre Layers

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